AI enabled Recommendations Engine built for your E-Commerce business.

Boost Sales, Repeat Purchases and Eliminate Deadstock with our AI powered Upsell Recommendations and Demand Forecasting.

Spend just 1-2% of your Marketing Budget to increase 15-20% of your sales without additional Paid Marketing"

About Us

Sales Booster Platform to enable Repeat Purchases for Shopify Businesses.

Boost Sales and Repeat Purchases with our Product Recommendations Engine.

Eliminate Deadstock, thus reducing inventory carrying costs.

What you Get?

If you are a Shopify store, enjoy these amazing features we offer.

Repeat Purchases

Enable repeat purchases with our AI based Intelligent Recommendations Engine, thus increasing the probability of customers ordering again.

Eliminate Deadstock

Our Recommendations Engine markets stock which needs to be eliminated, thus reducing inventory carrying costs along with expanding customer life-time value.

Customer Lifetime Value

Increase your engagement with your existing customers and give them every chance to come back to your store more often.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Upsell/Cross-sell with our Intelligent Product recommendations and increase your revenue per customer.

According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in retention correlates with at least a 25% increase in profit.

AI Based Product Recommendations

Our state-of-the-art Data Science models generate product recommendations, which are relevant to each customer.
The automation system sends relevant product recommendations to existing customers at regular intervals, thus increasing possibility of repeat purchases.
Make your inactive customers interested again and increase your revenue per customer.

Eliminate Deadstock

We help you eliminate deadstock by marketing those products too, thus minimizing inventory carrying costs.
Decrease in losses due to above, automatically increases your ROI and margins.
The space previously occupied by Deadstock can be used to house new products which actually sell, thus indirectly increasing sales.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Instead of randomly targeting your customers, target them wisely with our Algorithm.
Relevant Recommendations increases chances of buying and reduced irritation on the part of customers.
Give every chance for the customer to come back and increase the customer lifetime value.

Integrate seemlessly with your Shopify store

With Traderunner's integration feature, your shopify orders and products can be easily imported.

Now, Upsell with Intelligent product recommendations and increase your revenue per customer.

Identify customers ready to buy now and offer them dynamic pricing based on order quantity, increasing margins and overall sales.


Jeffrysonstore, U.S.

Beautele, U.S.

Grannies Company Shop




YourChoiceShop, U.K.

Advanced Features

Inventory management

Manage all your products and its variants in one place, as you sell and restock across multiple locations and channels.

Upsell Recommendations

Upsell with our Intelligent product recommendations and increase your revenue per customer.

Demand Forecasting

Improve your ROI by reducing stockouts and overstock with our robust Demand Forecasting and Forecast Recommendations.

Dynamic Pricing

Increase your margins by optimizing your pricing based on each customer.

B2B ECommerce

Instead of your customers calling/mailing you for placing orders, What if, they can use your portal to place the orders. Won't it be awesome!! Our B2B E-commerce Plugin, helps you do that..

Invoicing and Purchase Billing

Invoice your Order in Bulk or break your order to invoice it partially, create partial shipments and credit notes for returns. Create Purchase Orders and Bills to replenish your stock at the right time.

Multiple Warehouses

Easily handle inventory in multiple warehouses and use the same account to place orders from any location/warehouse.

Stock Adjustment and Transfers

Adjust inventory of any product and transfer inventory from one location to another with ease.


Come, Join Us!! Looking for enthusiastic individuals who have a passion to do things they like and who are both tech and business savvy. We really care for our employees because they are our biggest strengths.

UI Designer – Junior

Should have worked in UI Designing for 1-2 years. We expect hands-on expertise in wireframing, prototyping, HTML, CSS and UI Designing tools like Photoshop, etc.

Backend Engineer – Junior

Should have 3+ years of full stack development experience. Should have worked on technologies like Javascript, PHP/Java, MySql, etc.

Android Developer

Should have 3+ years of mobile and android development experience. Should have hands-on expertise in designing Android User interface using material design.

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Manage your Products, Sales Orders(Invoices, Shipments), Purchase Orders, Relationships all under one roof. Especially designed for Retailers and Online sellers!!!

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